Folding wheelchair:CA (Crio A)

Steel frame 25x1,5mm
Aluminum Frame 25x2.5
Seat, Frame angle     30 degree
Seat width (cm)         33,36, 39,42
Seat height (cm)        47
Seat depth (cm)        40
Seat angle                30
Overall width (cm)     Seat idth+14
Overall length (cm)    84
Overall height (cm)    107
Backrest height (cm)  42
Pushing handle
height (cm)                92
Armrest height (cm)   18
Armrest width    (cm)  5
Armrest length (cm)    27
Lower leg length (cm) various with clamps
Empty weight (kg)      15.5
Max. Load (kg)          120
Rear Wheels            16 inches PU
Front wheels            7x1 ¾ PU
Tipping angle            Up to 8 degree
Height adjustable armrest