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Sermax, is an experienced company providing services in Burma in Power Wheelchairs sales.

Sermax serves in the fields of

  • Burma Rehab
  • Burma Wheelchair
  • Burma Manufacturer
  • Burma Medical
  • Burma Steel Wheelchairs
  • Burma Aluminum Wheelchairs
  • Burma Children's Wheelchairs
  • Burma Power Wheelchairs

with its provided safety in Power Wheelchairs.

Sermax offers Power Wheelchairs to its customers with experienced and high quality working approach in Burma.

Leading Company in the field of Power Wheelchairs in Burma - Sermax

Sermax offers Rehab, Wheelchair, Manufacturer, Medical, Steel Wheelchairs, Aluminum Wheelchairs, Children's Wheelchairs, Power Wheelchairs. 

Sermax is proud to provide service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week..

If you want to get service from us, all you have to do is call us. Our company is developing itself every day in the wheelchair industry with years of experience and industry strength.

We have been selling wheelchair products such as steel wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, children's wheelchairs for many years.

If you want to buy Power Wheelchairs in Burma, you can always contact us.

Burma Power Wheelchairs - Sermax

Founded in 2008 Sermax Mobility is a manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in product development and manufacturing in Germany as well as in China.

Sermax is covering the sector of rehabilitation care. Driven to improve the daily life by making high quality manual wheelchairs, powered wheelchairs, Rollators, walkers and various rehabilitation products.

Flexible in design support, production and supplying individually designed products according to worldwide manufacturer’s specifications as well as OEM services as an extended workbench in order to relieve abroad manufacturers from their cost intensive production processes.

By using Sermax know how and own production facilities in combination with a perfect communication and cooperation with professional domestic manufacturers and supplier’s advanced automation equipment and injection molding Sermax is able to provide superior products and services in most economic ways to the global markets.

Under environmental considerations by creating a great working environment and stimulating innovation and creativity for all our employees Sermax is increasing productivity, flexibility and quality. Worker health and safety are all very important issues for Sermax.

With a happy and productive team Sermax is continuously creating winning products and services.

We are certified with ISO13485:2016

FDA, CE and the European free sales Certification for our products


Burma Power Wheelchairs Contact

To purchase these services or get more detailed information, you can call us on the phones on our contact page or on this phone: +8618072314930  

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